Replace anger/sadness at yourself, with hope and kindness

A complete 6-week self-compassion programme including lessons, meditations, exercises and reflections.

Designed by Psychologists to support recovery after an abusive relationship.

-  How to replace regret with hope

- How to stop beating yourself up

- How to activate kindness towards yourself

- How to realise you are not alone, as a deep-felt truth

- How to want more, for yourself

Take the thought out of how to get over an abusive ex...

Three simple steps:

  • 5-15 mins quiet time

    Find some headphones or a quiet space. Only 5-15 mins needed for most steps. Think of this as your recovery podcast.

  • A Journal

    Get a journal or notebook to record your thoughts, reflections and questions.

  • Press Play

    Press play and listen to the learning and/or complete the recommended exercises (mostly journalling / meditations).

Course curriculum

    1. Introducing self-compassion

    2. Disclaimer

    3. How to grow self-compassion (article)

    4. How to use the programme

    1. Introducing Week 1

    2. Day 1: Meditation- Inviting self-compassion

    3. Day 2: Appreciative Journalling

    4. Day 3 Acts of kindness

    5. Day 4: Inviting a compassionate response

    6. Day 5: Meditation- Loving Kindness

    7. How to stop being hard on yourself (reading)

    8. Day 6 & 7

    9. Congratulate yourself! (audio)

    1. Introducing week 2

    2. Day 1: Meditation- Self compassion and suffering

    3. Day 2: Appreciative Journalling

    4. Day 3: Meditation-Body Scan Grounding

    5. Handling difficult emotions (audio)

    6. Day 4: Acts of kindness

    7. Day 5: Appreciative letter writing

    8. Day 6: Inviting a compassionate response

    1. Introducing Week 3

    2. Day 1: Meditation- Mindful observing

    3. Day 2: Appreciative letter writing

    4. Day 3: Acts of kindness

    5. Day4: Meditation- Soothing breathing

    6. Day 5: Appreciative letter writing

    7. Day 6: Inviting a compassionate response

    1. Introducing Week 4

    2. Day 1: Appreciative Journalling

    3. Day 2: Self-compassion letter

    4. Day 3: Reading- Activating self-compassion

    5. Day 4: Roll the dice

    6. Day 5: Meditation- Our calming place (Ocean)

    7. Day 6: Acts of kindness

    1. Introducing Week 5

    2. Day 1: Meditation -Our calming place (Forest)

    3. Day 2: Appreciative Journalling

    4. Day 3: Inviting a compassionate response

    5. Day 4: Acts of kindness

    6. Day 5: Reading- Creating healthy boundaries

    7. Day 6: Choose your own meditation

    8. Day 7: Roll the dice

About this course

  • Free
  • 49 lessons
  • Audio course

Meet your Psychologist

Dr Craig Newman, Clinical Psychologist and Survivor of Domestic Abuse

Dr Craig Newman

Clinical Psychologist

Dr Craig Newman is a multi-award winning Clinical Psychologist and the author of the book ' Get Out Get Love: What everyone should know in, and after, abusive relationships.

User Feedback

(Collected in government funded research)

“Thank you for giving me the knowledge to forgive myself, understand my situation and stay away.”


“Wow, wow wow. GOGL is so powerful and such food for thought! If only I’d had access to this when I was in the midst of my toxic relationship.”


“I have learned so much from GOGL. Not only that, but I feel I will keep returning to it and using it as a reference as I continue to move forwards.”


“This programme was written just for me! I feel overwhelmed and so grateful to have been able to take part.”


“My healing journey is well on the way. I have learned so much in a very short time.”


“GOGL is a wonderful, powerful journey of discovery, the discovery of myself and the true life that I am meant to live; the life that is mine. Finding freedom, finding peace, finding happiness, finding acceptance, forgiving and loving myself.”


Our gift to you.

RRP £75 - made free to empower as many as possible!

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